The caste system: the past, present and future?

I was debating what my next post should be about and I thought why not talk about something I highly disagree with, that still lives on today within the tamil community… The caste system. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, I will delve a little deeper. The CasteContinue reading “The caste system: the past, present and future?”

10 things that I regret the most

I know I’m young but there’s already a few things I regret quite a lot and I’m sure most of you feel the same. This list will probably grow as I get older which is only normal. Some of you will probably read this and say ‘she’s only 21, how is she regretting things already?’Continue reading “10 things that I regret the most”

The difference between boys and men

Before I start, I’m going to state one thing. This post is going to be highly controversial so I suggest if you are a bit on the emotional side and are a ‘menist’ then please don’t read this blog post. I believe in traditional values, I guess most girls do. We all have that dreamContinue reading “The difference between boys and men”

The struggles of growing up brown in a place of non-browns

So my real name is Vijithaa, but everyone calls me Vij or Viji (which I thoroughly deteste). I was born and bred in York in a town called Market Weighton which most people normally haven’t heard of and I now currently reside in Essex. I think that’s where the name ‘thatasiangirl’ came from because I’veContinue reading “The struggles of growing up brown in a place of non-browns”