Capturing Copenhagen

This was actually a late 25th birthday present from one of my dear friends! I would never have thought to go to Copenhagen for a day trip as I thought there is a lot to do but it is actually quite manageable! Keep reading to see how we got on! 10:45 am – Arrival! 12:30pmContinue reading “Capturing Copenhagen”

The caste system: the past, present and future?

I was debating what my next post should be about and I thought why not talk about something I highly disagree with, that still lives on today within the tamil community… The caste system. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, I will delve a little deeper. The CasteContinue reading “The caste system: the past, present and future?”

10 things that I regret the most

I know I’m young but there’s already a few things I regret quite a lot and I’m sure most of you feel the same. This list will probably grow as I get older which is only normal. Some of you will probably read this and say ‘she’s only 21, how is she regretting things already?’Continue reading “10 things that I regret the most”

Strolling in Sri Lanka

There was a long period where I didn’t really go on holiday because of education and we didn’t have time, then ever since last year September it’s been constant holidays! I’ve just got back from the motherland for my cousin’s wedding which I was there for a total of 3 weeks. Honestly, if you haven’tContinue reading “Strolling in Sri Lanka”

The difference between boys and men

Before I start, I’m going to state one thing. This post is going to be highly controversial so I suggest if you are a bit on the emotional side and are a ‘menist’ then please don’t read this blog post. I believe in traditional values, I guess most girls do. We all have that dreamContinue reading “The difference between boys and men”

The struggles of growing up brown in a place of non-browns

So my real name is Vijithaa, but everyone calls me Vij or Viji (which I thoroughly deteste). I was born and bred in York in a town called Market Weighton which most people normally haven’t heard of and I now currently reside in Essex. I think that’s where the name ‘thatasiangirl’ came from because I’veContinue reading “The struggles of growing up brown in a place of non-browns”