Capturing Copenhagen

This was actually a late 25th birthday present from one of my dear friends! I would never have thought to go to Copenhagen for a day trip as I thought there is a lot to do but it is actually quite manageable!

Keep reading to see how we got on!

10:45 am – Arrival!

12:30pm – 2:00pm – Canal Cruise

We booked tickets online and for a specific time so we could jump aboard. The location to stand can be quite confusing however there are ticket offices along the river so if you show your ticket to them, they can direct you to the right meeting point! It was very cold around this time of year so if you do go in December, please make sure you wrap up warm!

We actually saw the little mermaid on the cruise and I’m glad we did as it is much further out from everything else! I was disappointed to say the least, it’s a very small statue and not worth paying the money separately to go and see it so I wouldn’t waste your time! But the canal cruise was lovely and the tour guide was very knowledgeable!

2:00pm – 4pm – Lunch at The Christmas Market

Mini nutella pancakes!!

We were going to eat a nice fancy restaurant and then thought why not just eat at the beautiful markets whilst they’re here! We had curry wurst, bratwurst, churros, fried potato skewers, pancakes and so much more. Safe to say I had a food coma from the amazing food!!

4pm – 4:45pm – Stroget street

This street is famous for shopping and as I collect shot glasses and my family collects fridge magnets, this was the perfect place to go! From high street brands to high end brands, you will find anything and EVERYTHING.

Fun fact: it is the longest pedestrian street in Europe!

P.S. Also has great photo opportunities with the Christmas lights.

4:45 – 5:30 – Guinness Museum World of Records

This isn’t a must see but my friend and I are a little nerdy so decided to go and have a look!

This is me pretending to be Usain Bolt haha

5:30pm – 8pm – Tivoli Gardens (entry fee DKK 130, under the age of 7 is FREE)

The famous Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park with food places and shows! As soon as you walk in, the entrance is very Aladdin-esque with beautiful stain-glass coloured windows. There are big rollercoasters, small and even VR rides. Due to the time restrictions, we skipped all the rides and instead we went to watch the light show and projection show which was absolutely AMAZING! You definitely need to spend a whole day here if you want to go on all the rides and see the shows plus take your time and not rush the process.

This beautiful Christmas tree was the centre of attention at Tivoli. Despite the size in the picture, in real life this tree was HUGE. I was in awe. Took me back to the days of when I was a little child waking up on Christmas morning and seeing all my presents underneath a huge and lit up tree. I had the same warm feeling I had back then as I had with this tree.

Dinner at Tivoli Gardens

One thing that we did not know prior to arrival was that you had to reserve seats and make bookings at the restaurants in Tivoli Gardens. The queues were ridiculous so we opted to inside a building where they had different stalls inside selling different cuisines. There weren’t any seats either so we had to make do so HUGE tip: make a booking!

All in all, this was an amazing day trip however I would definitely like to go back for a weekend trip so everything isn’t so rushed. If you want to see how my whole trip panned out, watch my youtube video below 🙂

Love Vij x

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