Prancing around Paris

For my 25th birthday, due to restricted annual leave I couldn’t actually leave the country for more than one day so we decided let’s do a day trip somewhere and so I picked Paris.

24 hours in Paris and complete all tourist attractions? Challenge accepted.

9:30am: Arrival 

We had breakfast at a local bakery and then took the train straight from Charles De Gaulle station to Notre Dame as a couple of the places we wanted to see were closeby to the famous landmark.

11:00am: Notre Dame 

Due to the current reconstruction of Notre Dame because of the fires, we did not go inside. However from the front you can see that the architecture is still intact so we admired the cathedral from the outside and took some photos to remember this moment!

11:10am: Saint Chapelle (Free for under 26 year old’s)

I actually came across this place whilst looking at other peoples Paris blog’s and thought I need to come here because it looked so stunning!! Saint Chapelle is an old royal chapel decorated in Gothic Style and was the residence of the King’s of France until 14th century!

12:10pm: Jardin Des Tulieries/Concorde Square

From Saint Chapelle to Jardin Des Tulieries, you can actually walk across the River Seine. It is a bit of a distance (roughly around 20 min walk) but it’s nice to be able to see Paris on foot! Jardin Des Tulieries is actually a lot nicer in the summer as half of the instagrammable shots were no longer there as the trees were bare due to the winter season. Instead they had a small christmas market with a ferris wheel ride and some food stalls. Was pretty to see however wouldn’t recommend in the winter season.

13:00pm: Louvre (Free under 26 year old’s UK citizens)

I’ve always wanted to go to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa painting but I have to admit I was very disappointed to say the least. Finding her is a task in itself as it is literally situated right at the end of the museum. On top of that, there is a ridiculous queue to be able to go right to the front and take a picture with her. Once you are there, you’re literally timed in how many seconds you have to take a picture. So after all that I decided I couldn’t be bothered to get in the actual queue so I stood on the side and quickly snapped a picture before the security guard came and told me to move haha.


We had lunch at a local restaurant and had pain au chocolat, hot chocolate and an omelette 🙂

14:30: Arc De Triomphe

World’s busiest roundabout and managed to get a picture with hardly any cars! We didn’t go up the Arc but it was definitely a beautiful sight to see. After taking this picture we also went to Champs Elysees and did some shopping before going to dinner!

17:00: Dinner – Local restaurant

My family surprised me with a cute little cake at dinner and I tried some snails in garlic sauce for the first time! Needless to say, it wasn’t my cup of tea but at least that’s been ticked off the list!

19:00: Eiffel Tower

In my opinion, Eiffel Tower is so much better at night than day time. We didn’t get the chance to go up as we didn’t have enough time to do so and everyone who I came to Paris with had already seen the panoramic views of Paris. So I will be back maybe for a short weekend away when I don’t want to go too far out from the UK but not anytime soon!

For more holiday pictures, search #vijexplores on instagram!

Thanks for reading!

Love Vij x

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