Discovering Dublin

To start off simply, I LOVE travelling. If I am not working or going out with friends, I’m most likely abroad somewhere! Travelling can be really tricky at times espiecally finding the right location, knowing how much to spend and planning an itinerary. A lot of thought goes into travelling! So I thought why not share some of my insights into travelling so hopefully if you do go to anywhere I’ve mentioned, you’ll know exactly what to do!

8:00am: Arrival 

We arrived in Dublin finally after catching a super early morning flight. Best thing for a day trip whether we like our sleep or not is getting to the destination early so you have more time to spend!

From the airport we got the bus 747, tickets are super cheap (around €3) and the drivers are really nice that they will even shout out the stop you need to get off at so you don’t get completely lost!

8:45am : Breakfast at Bewley’s Grafton Street

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD. Honestly, the options were too many! Typically, as a British you would have thought we would venture out from our ways however we went for a traditional breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, the whole works! It was founded in 1840, so you could say the dubliners have grown up loving it! Besides from the amazing food, architecture and coffee, the authentic vibe makes it feel like home 🙂 You have to go to Bewley’s if you’re in Dublin. It’s a crime not to!!

11:am = Guinness Storehouse

A pre-booked tour at the Guinness Storehouse where you can make yourself your own pint of Guinness whilst watching the history unfold of how Guinness is produced and manufactured. I mean.. when in Dublin, do what the dubliners do, right?! After all, Guinness is THE most popular drink in Ireland. Although personally, I can’t stomach the drink as it’s so strong, tasting the Guinness fresh in the factory was a much more pleasant experience than I imagined!

You need at least 2 hours at the Guinness storehouse which may seem like a lot but there are 4 floors to conquer whilst you are there! So make sure you leave yourself enough time to look around. Admission is €18.50 and the storehouse is open daily from 9:30am-7pm (though the last entry is at 5pm).


You guessed it! Back at Bewley’s Grafton Street because we just could not resist!

2:30pm = Whiskey Tour (Premium)

The only reason why this tour was made premium was due to the fact you get given a free whisky glass to take home. Honestly, I am not a whisky lady myself but it was fun listening to the history of whiskey and learning about the different tastes and as an individual which type of whiskey you’d lean more towards. Safe to say 4 glasses of whisky later I was definitely feeling the taste! Tours run every 30 minutes and start between 10:30am-17:30pm. Admission is €23.

3:15pm = Trinity College Library

Ireland’s most famous college and similarly resembles the library in Beauty and The Beast. The most famous fact is the Book of Kells, a ninth-century illuminated manuscript is kept here. It is also the largest library in Ireland and dates all the way back to 1592. The tour lasts for about 30 minutes and admission is €14.

3:45pm = THE TEMPLE BAR!

Super touristy and ridiculously priced but it is a must-see in Dublin, even if you just have one pint!

Dinner – Local Pub!

A cute pub that makes great Irish food and to our luck there was also live entertainment with kids performing irish dancing! We opted for a pasta although not irish-y was still divine.

24 hours definitely does not do justice to Dublin, however it is a great place to visit even just for a day and I’d thoroughly recommend it! I will definitely be coming back for a longer stay!

For more holiday pictures, search #vijexplores on instagram! 🙂

Love Vij x

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