I got my dream job!

I know it has been a while but honestly you know when life catches you off guard and it’s just busy busy busy and there is absolutely no time to rest? Well yeah, that has been the case.

I was pondering on what should my next blog post be on and I thought I’ve written about my graduation so why not the next step? A JOB!

Yes I have somehow managed to get a job *standing ovation by every tamil aunty and uncle*

To be honest it got to the point where I was genuinely looking for a job just to be able to respond to all those aunties and uncles who have constantly been pestering me at every family gathering (which happens often) about what I’m doing with my life. Apparently, working at Debenhams wasn’t the answer they were looking for…

Before starting my degree, I looked at career prospects because for once I was being smart. I always knew the first step was I wanted to become a medical sales representative. Yes, I am Penny from big bang theory except I don’t flirt with the doctors I see….well I try not to.

I always thought it sounded pretty cool. You know free company car, don’t pay for petrol, free insurance, get paid to drive around all day, flexible, get to travel occasionally. I mean sounds like the perfect job right?

It is pretty chilling to be honest, apart from having to hit targets everyday and sometimes coming across nasty people. It is competitive. But which job isn’t?

I mean my company puts me in 4*/5* hotels just for training purposes with a 3 course meal and free alcohol. I basically roll home after having put on at least a stone in just drinking. How many stones I put on just from eating? Lets not go there..

I didn’t become the doctor every asian parent wants their kid to become. But considering how hard it is to get into this sector when I’m the rookie and all my colleagues are 38+, working for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies at just the age of 22, I’d say I’ve done pretty well with myself! And having being able to afford to take my parents on holiday for their wedding anniversary (which they were pretty ecstatic about), I’ve made them proud ..

Not only that, I have most of my family members gossiping about the fact I have a good job and how I am succeeding in my life.

So I guess now the only thing left for them to complain about is my skin colour and weight so I guess we all good?

Over and out

Vij x

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