10 things that I regret the most

I know I’m young but there’s already a few things I regret quite a lot and I’m sure most of you feel the same. This list will probably grow as I get older which is only normal. Some of you will probably read this and say ‘she’s only 21, how is she regretting things already?’ Well sometimes you live too fast and to be honest..shit happens.

So here it goes..

  1. I regret trusting certain people who have shown in the end they weren’t worthy of trusting…even family

This is a BIG regret because the saying of blood runs thicker than water is absolute rubbish lol. There are some friends I have who have been way more loyal to me than family I have known since birth.

2. I regret not going out more during my 2nd and 3rd year of Uni

Coming from a strict asian family, tamil to be specific. It’s hard to get out the house. It’s not a big regret but I mean I do miss the freedom I had, to do what I want, when I wanted so I wish I used it more.

3. I regret hurting someone I cared about

This one is pretty self-explanatory. We all go through bad phases, I guess this was my one.

4. I regret the amount of people who I let treat me as a pushover (in the past)

This is an old regret, I haven’t been a pushover since I was in school but on a few occasions it has happened recently so it’s still a learning curve for me.

5. I regret not listening to my closed ones who knew what was good for me and what wasn’t

Also self-explanatory. People on the outside perspective tend to see things you don’t see so I wish I listened to them.

6. I regret being influenced by my friends and not going for my gut feeling

This one I still have trouble with at times, I am not good at making decisions so I’d rather someone make them for me which I need to stop doing, because it is my life I need to start making my own decisions.

7. I regret not taking more risks

I have always been the one out of my friendship group to not care what other people think and have no shame. But there was a time I wasn’t like that so I regret not becoming this person quicker than I could have.

8. I regret wasting time & breath on petty things/people.

That is all.

9. I regret going above and beyond for some people

I’ve learnt to not do things for people who clearly don’t care/won’t do the same for you. Treat people as you would like to be treated only goes so far for me..

10. I regret not standing up for myself when I should’ve

In this day and age, you have to stand up for what you believe in otherwise you will never be able to live life. Regardless of the situation I always stand up for myself now. Yes I may come across as sarcastic and rude (which I will not deny that is me, deal with it) but at the end of the day its me myself and I gurlll.

I do trust less easily now but I guess that’s not a bad thing is it as the famous saying goes ‘trust no one.’

I am always constantly referred to as an unemotional person. My sister even has me saved on her phone as ‘Iron Lady.’ But I feel that because of this I am no longer prone to getting hurt which is better. If you’re lucky enough to get me to put my guard down, then you’ll probably see I’m not all bad. Due to my emotionally unavailable nature I can easily take risks now , my best friend even referred to me as an asian version of Lady Leshur because no fucks are given with both of us.

Although I have all these regrets, because of them I have transformed into a better person who I am proud to be. You live and you learn right?

Vij x

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