Don’t let me down

‘Don’t let me down’ is by far a phrase I’ve heard TOO many times before. Whether it is trying to impress your parents, your co-worker, your boss or even your boyfriend/girlfriend.

One thing I learnt is that although they may be telling you not to let them down, those same people are the ones not lifting you up. As my friend wisely put it, they’re an enemy of progress.

Recently I graduated with an upper second class within my degree of Pharmacology. It was the best results day I’ve ever had! Every results day was the same cycle on repeat, never getting the results, crying with the hope that would fix everything, coming back to the same school I hated where I knew they would be an obstacle in my path to success. I was told Science wasn’t for me and that I should quit and focus on something else. My biology teacher once put it that ‘I wasn’t smart enough and I was only going to get a D for the subject.’

The school I went to was the opposite of what they were supposed to be. A great school. Most teachers had their students which they loved so the rest of the students were deprived. Other teachers cared more about whether your skirt was at a particular length or if you had too many earrings in your ear. Don’t get me wrong there was a minority of wonderful teachers who were always positive and made sure I was doing my best at all times. There were others who were constantly belittling you even from as soon as you walked into the classroom.

I remember vividly one teacher told me I should read more when I asked what a particular word meant. Are teachers not supposed to teach anymore? Educate their fellow students as well as being positive role models.

We were even told off for ‘segregating’ ourselves, although the whole year formed their own groups anyways. We were told to mingle and stop being too loud. I didn’t realise school could be such a prison? Those same people who told my friends and I we would not be going to University and on to better things, are the same people who have been proven wrong today as I have BSC (Hons) in SCIENCE attached to my name.

So I would like to say thank you for constantly demotivating me during my school years because without that I would not have been so motivated to prove each and every one of you wrong. Just remember if you put your mind to it, you can succeed in anything and everything you do!

Vij x

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