The difference between boys and men

Before I start, I’m going to state one thing. This post is going to be highly controversial so I suggest if you are a bit on the emotional side and are a ‘menist’ then please don’t read this blog post.

I believe in traditional values, I guess most girls do. We all have that dream where we want to walk down the aisle in a big white dress (my one is Vera Wang) and see our soon-to-be husband standing there, maybe slightly tearful on how beautiful we look that day.

The question is, who is that guy?

Nowadays there seems to be an increase in boys being dickheads, mind the french. I wish we could go back to more simpler times where there was no social media, us girls not getting jealous over our boyfriends liking prettier girls instagram pictures or guys not trying to slide into other girls DM’s.

Is it just me or are most guys that you come across nowadays are in fact terrible listeners. They always try to one up on you most things. It’s a constant battle of ‘but I did this’. Quite frankly, their maturity levels are almost on par with an 8 year old boy. I’m not saying that girls are any better, some girls are the worst I know that. But I just feel like guys don’t try enough to get the girl they want anymore, compared to older times. Once they’ve ‘secured’ the girl, they feel they can treat her in whichever way they want because lets be real, she’s not going anywhere is she?

You also get the guys who are too full of themselves who think replying to someone is beyond them. Why get a girls number and talk to them for a few days to then blow them off sooner or later because you got bored? That’s what you call..a boy.

I’d like to say with age, boys get better but I’ve noticed through family and friends…they don’t.

So what is the difference between a boy and a man?

A man is someone who you can trust, who will be there for you; emotionally, physically, mentally and financially (if need be). He is someone you can depend on, rely on. He will listen to your problems and I say really LISTEN not half listen because he’s thinking about FIFA in his head or food. He will make you feel good on the inside and out and you would be happy to even call him your boyfriend, fiancee or husband. He will not lie. And last but not least, he certainly would not be a roadman.

Ladies, if you’re lucky enough to find such a man at a young age, don’t listen to what anyone else has to say. KEEP HIM. Because trust me, they don’t come often but when they do it will be amazing.

Yours truly,

Vij x

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